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THE FALL MEETING OF THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA DEERHOUND CLUB will be with the Del Valle Dog Show in Pleasanton on Sunday, October 22. This is an SCDA supported entry, so if you are going to show this fall, please put this one on your calendar. If you aren't, come for the company of Deerhound friends. Hope to see you there.

Birthday Wishes to double digit Deerhounds: Happy Tenth Birthday to Jean Weiss's Penny, Sindar-Baldana Penelope. And Happy Eleventh Birthday on October 17 to the Windshift girls, DC Brierrose, CH Bramble, and Cridhe. Bred by Sally Poole, they are by CH Lehigh Ulrich and Ch Ladybank Holly of Windshift FCh.

Through connections and promises, Bruce Beetz was able to get the school field back in Hollister for lure coursing. Before the AKC trial started on September 30, he was clear that there were no excuses for not cleaning up after your dog, which is what had lost the field. He was so clear, in fact, that the participants were seen cleaning up after local dog walkers to make sure we didn't get blamed for someone else's leavings.
Three Deerhounds came out for coursing, the Smith's Lucy and Logan to compete, and Nancy Szakacs' Blue to practice. Lucy outran Logan for the win, then had a very nice BIF run with a Basenji. She didn't win, but entertained everybody by repeatedly glancing sideways at the Basenji, looking like she was trying to figure out what it was. Logan had his moment of entertainment as well; as he came in from his first course, instead of grabbing the plastic bags, he grabbed the neck of one of the plastic pink flamingos that marked the start.

Deerhounds as ambassadors: Billie Zinser and Cari Bowe attended the Scottish Games on September 24, had a wonderful time and the hounds were "exhausted by all the attention."
The Smith's Lucy and Logan went to school and learned a lot. They were the focus of two three hour sessions at San Jose's occupational high school's veterinary assistant class. Kris prepared a slide show and video, and Allyn Babitch talked about health. Lucy and Logan got to wander around the class, kissing students, to their great delight. Then they amiably endured practice with lifting large dogs, taking vitals, and general handling.

At the Sir Francis Drake show in San Rafael, three Deerhounds turned out. The two puppies, Billie Zinser's Shade and Cari Bowe's Anice (Windshift Wild Thyme) were bested by the Tanner's Caerwicce's Idylls of Xanadu, but Cari reports that the judge was very comlimentary of Anice and jokingly told the BOB to "watch out."

The Heidi/Leeds litter is proving itself with new titles: Greg Shaw and Carol Gabriel's Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine finished his conformation championship in Petaluma on September 9. Kirk's brother, Spirit, who lives in Canada, finished his Canadian championship the next week, having achieved this title with three Group placements. Their brother Larson in Ohio is one point away from finishing his US championship.

The Redwood Empire KC show in Petaluma on September 9 and 10 saw a major in boys on Saturday, won by Greg Shaw and Carol Gabriel's Kirk by going Best of Winners and Best of Breed, which finished his conformation championship. His Mom, Darrowby's Heidi of Gabriels, went Best Opposite, and his sister, Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn JC, was Winners Bitch, so it was a family affair at the final line-up.
On Sunday, Kirk took the Breed again, with Billie Zinser's Shade going Best of Winners and Best Opposite, and the Smiths' Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn JC was the Winners Dog.
It was the show debut of four Deerhounds, Margory Cohen's Fernhill's Sirius and Fernhill's Stella, and Billie Zinser's Wicked Purple Nightshade and Nancy Szakacs' Heavenly Blue, both from Heather Smith's litter. It was great to see a new crop of faces (both fuzzy and smooth) in the ring.
After Sunday's show, Bayard and Kris Smith, and Billie Zinser went to Margory's new house in Petaluma for lunch. It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon in her and Adrian's quaint 100 year old home sharing good company and good food.

Condolances to Chris Wright, whose mixed breed Angus, known and loved by the Deerhound and Wolfhound folks, succumbed to osteosarcoma on September 11. And speedy recovery to Chris, who has been plagued by a virus through Angus's ordeal.

Congratulations to the NCDC Deerhounds who won at the 2006 SDCA Western Regional Specialty in Lompoc and during the next two days of showing and coursing. The Smith's Logan (Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn JC) went Winner Dog at the Specialty under Mr Irving Bonios. Greg Shaw and Carol Gabriel's Kirk (Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine) went Best in Sweepstakes under Dr Klaus Anselm. Kirk's mother, Darrowby Heidi of Gabriels went Best of Breed at the Saturday show under Mr John Lewington. At the ASFA lure coursing specialty on Saturday, Cari Bowe's Poppy (DC Windshift Wildflower) was the winner.

Joe and Joan Giles' new pup Fernhill's Vaill of Glencrag made his debut at the Lost Coast show in Ferndale on July 2 and 3. Starr (Ch Jihad's Starr of Glencrag) won the breed over Vaill on Saturday, then on Sunday they were joined by our Logan and Lucy (Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn JC). Starr won the breed again, with Vaill winning over Logan, and Lucy taking Best of Winners under Ms Isabel Stoffers. Starr went on to a Group 2.

We all have breathed a sigh of relief that the bill introduced into the California legislature, which would have outlawed Open Field Coursing, has been defeated. There was a real fear that lure cursing would suffer because of a perception that it is training for OFC, which is silly if you know the sports, but it made sense to the activists. Kudos to Margory Cohen for her tireless full time effort to defeat this bad legislation.

Northern California is on the move. Christie Kieth has moved from the country into San Francisco, Margory Cohen has moved from San Francisco to Petaluma, Jeanne and Judd Case are headed to Eastern Washington, and Sally Poole is pulling up stakes to settle in Washington DC. Marilyn Terry is on her way back to California from Oregon, expecting to settle in Mt. Shasta. Best of luck to you all in the transplanting process.

Greg Shaw and Carol Gabriel's Kirk (Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine) went BOB over Chris Wright's Glory (Ch Windshift Wood Rose LCM) at the Del Monte KC show under Ms Patricia Trotter on July 15.

Billie Zinser is thrilled to have her new puppy girl from Heather Smith's litter. Shade (Windshift Wicked Purple Nightshade, pending) came to her new home after the Specialty. Billie says: "She is the most beautiful deerhound I have ever seen... Andrew was remarkably tolerant at first, but she is so in his face... She tries so hard to please him, and yet he deserves his own bed, rest, food, attention, all the things in which she tries to include herself..."

Kris and Bayard's Lucy (Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn JC) went Best in Field at her first AKC trial on June 18 in Livermore. Her only Deerhound competitor was their Logan (Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn JC), who was tied with Lucy at the end of the prelim and final runs. Logan is younger, bigger, and still moves like a puppy, so it seemed better to forfeit him and run Lucy in BIF, and the rest was a dream come true. The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association put on a very nice trial, well organized, and with an excellent long course of 910 yards, which really tested the hounds. There was a very long straight leg, and it was awe inspiring to see the big hounds really stretch out.

Marilyn Terry, now living in Oregon, reports that her Lara (Fritsen's Khaeva) has seven pups, six boys and a girl, sired by Cecilia Arnold's Robbie (Gwent's Maelrubha). The birth was a little traumatic, but all is well now and Marilyn is enjoying being a step Mom.

Two of the Cari Bowe's Poppy/Michael pups have made their show debuts. Cari's Windshift Wild Thyme showed with her Mom (who won, of course), on June 17 in Gridley, while Harriet King's Windshift Orion came out the same weekend with Mary Ann Rose's Caerwicce's Lady Croft (the winner) and Mary Ann and Rachael Mathews' Caerwicce's This Rough Magic (best opposite), in Chula Vista.

Chris Wright's Ch Windshift Wood Rose (Glory) ran at the AKC trial in Vacaville in early June, and her son, Windshift Ian, had a good practice.

Terri Campbell, formerly of California, now of Washington, came down to her former turf to compete in the AKC trials in Vacaville on April 22 and 23 with Tor (Ch Forteviot Silver Meteor) and Lillibet (Forteviot Princess Elizabeth). Tor outran the competition both days for two majors, which may have finished his Field Championship. Also running were Cari Bowe's Warren (Forteviot Flying Scotsman) and Poppy, and Billie Zinser's Andrew (Windshift Blueboy Andrew). The Smiths' Lucy (Gabriels Lucinda at Jeffcairn) and Logan (Fernhill's Logan at Jeffcairn) completed both their JC legs, so they are ready to rumble. Also in attendance was Cari's lovely 6 month old Anice.

At the Chief Solano show in Vallejo on April 22, Jeanne and Judd Case came out with their Caerwicce's Londo at Baldana and Caerwicce's Lyta O'ValeVue. Although the Shaw's Kirk was the winner that day, it was nice to see they were out.

Marilyn Terry checks in with some big news: "I am joining the Bay Area exodus and am moving to a five acre parcel with log house in the Willamette Valley area in Oregon, so I am busy with endless packing and all the many real estate details. In March I did manage to show my Tannochbrae's Gaelic at a series of shows in Vallejo where Gaelic garnered 5 points and a major. Meanwhile, with exquisite timing, Lara (Fritzen's Khaeva, who was bred by Bjorn Fritz in Germany) came into season and has been bred to Cecilia's Arnold's Robbie, Gwent's Maelrubha, during the week of April 17th. Of course, I am fervently hoping she is pregnant and will really look forward to Lara having her puppies in our new home in Oregon."

On April Fools Day a handful of hardy Deerhounders gathered at Cecilia Arnold's Deerhound Digs Farm for the Northern California Deerhound Club Fun Day and annual meeting. We had just experienced the wettest March on record, and April was beginning the same way. Many folks chose the conservative approach and stayed home by the fire, but, incredibly, those of us who took the chance were rewarded with a rainless day with a fabulous view from Cecilia's beautiful home. Cecilia judged the Match, which was won by the Shaws' Kirk. For the costume contest she had the help of Allyn Babitch. The costume parade included Logan Smith as a Devil Dog, Lucy Smith as the Easter Bunny, Chauncey Lark as a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Heidi Gabriel as a Princess, and Warren Bowe in Scotland or Bust.
Cari Bowe organized five fabulous games. Most people chose to watch rather than play, but those of us who did had a wonderful time. Maybe next time more will try it. Cari reports: "Fierce competitors Lucy and Logan (Kris and Bayard Smith) swept the field, winning high honors in every class entered: Dress Up Race, William Tell Relay, High Jump, only to be outdone by Marilyn Terry and Lara's graceful gait in the Egg and Spoon Race. Lucy our ring steward was a great participant with her well trained Rottweilers. Thanks to our gracious hostess Cecilia Arnold for opening her beautiful home to us, and big thanks to Sally and Denny for helping with all of the unseen duties that helped things to run smoothly."

Happy April Birthdays to Ellen Pilling's Ch Ferhnill's Glayva, turning 11, and to Cecelia Arnold's Wee Iain and Maudie, turning 10, and to the Smith's Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn, turning one year old. Happy May birthday to Chris Wright's Windshift Iaian.

Our condolences go out to Chris Wright, who lost his Irish Wolfhound Felicity to osteosarcoma in April. Her mother passed away from the same disease less than two years ago. Chris's large crossbred Angus (breeds unidentifiable) came down with osteo last fall, and is carrying on after amputation and chemo.

At the four day cluster in Vallejo in late March, Marilyn Terry's Gaelic (Tannochbrae's Gaelic) took the Bitch points on three of the days, including her first major. On the two days she was there, Chris Wright's Glory (Ch Windshift Wood Rose) took the Breed.

Cari Bowe's Poppy (DC Windshift Wildflower) took a Best In Field in lure coursing at Sloughouse in March. Other Deerhounds there on the first day were Cari's Warren, Billie Zinser's Andrew, and Renee Davis's Kent and Jetsy. The next day Jetsy was the Breed winner over Kent.

Greg and Marilyn Shaw had a great weekend with Kirk in Scottsdale on March 10-12. He went Winner Dog all three days.

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Terry's Gaelic, who turned one year old in March.

Condolences to Billie Zinser and Robert Herrick, who said good-bye to their 9 year old Emily (Sindar-Baldana Picote) on February 25. Billie sadly reports: "X Ray showed an abdominal mass in the area of the spleen and the liver, that the vet thought was probably a hemangioscarcoma, that had begun to bleed. Emily was in great discomfort, not relieved by narcotics. When she began agonal breathing, we knew we had to help her along. It all happened very quickly. I am so thankful her pain was short, but the loss is insurmountable. She was my first deerhound, my first dog. She taught me how to love."

At the Santa Clara Valley KC Shows in San Jose over President's Day, the Biles' and Brinlee's Ch Jaraluv's Michael came down to California to capture BOB both days. Majors were earned by the Smith's Lucy on both days, while her brother, Greg Shaw and Carol Gabriel's Kirk, took the first day's boy points, and the Smith's Logan earned them the second day. Joe Hoerdemann and his son, owner of Stuart, came by to say hi.
After the show on Sunday we gathered at Allyn Babitch's house for a potluck and watched her tape of Westminster. The Brinlees came by with the Biles after Group, and Chris Wright, Marilyn Terry, and Paul and Lee Bergman came from the show. Cari Bowe joined us with two of her gorgeous Poppy/Michael pups, and Barbara Ballinger was there with handsome Monty and his Borzoi buddy Luna. Four people came who were at the show because they are interested in deerhounds, so they got quite an education.

Marilyn Terry reports her experience with a new member of the family: "Gaelic (Tannochbrae's Gaelic) and Lara (Fritzen's Lara) have a new friend... At the end of November I was given a 3 month old very sturdy (thankfully) Siberian Husky puppy from a longtime friend. For my two Deerhounds she has been the best event ever. I was going to 'throw' Galina (which means 'Bright One') in with the rest of my Siberian Huskies but (then 10 month-old) Gaelic immediately latched onto this new furry playtoy and they have been inseparable friends ever since. When I watch the two of them play endlessly, twisting, turning and chasing each other, I look back in time and wonder what on earth did I do to keep Gaelic occupied previously! No amount of running in the field would have given Gaelic the muscular 'lean and mean' look she has now but for this puppy. Even Lara, who had retired back to her couch when Gaelic grew bigger and stronger and was too much into body-slamming, … plays with the puppy, huffing and gruffing like a proud surrogate mother. When I showed Gaelic in a four-show cluster of International Shows in Santa Rosa the weekend of February 11 and 12, the judges remarked at Gaelic's amazing fitness."

Happy first birthday on February 10 to Lucy, Kirk, Rory, and the other kids from the Gabriel's Leeds x Heidi litter.

Renee came back up to Northern California with Kent for the ASFA Lure Course in Oakley in February. He earned a first place and a BOB on Sunday, to finish his ASFA Field Championship, Renee reports that he "…is now perfectly balanced with another "Fch" at the end of his name…" Cari Bowe's Poppy (DC Windshift Wildflower) was second in Open on Sunday, and the positions were reversed on Saturday. Winners of the Field Champion stakes were Cari's Windshift Eamon FCh on Saturday and Chris Wright's Glory on Sunday. Glory ran again on Saturday to certify the Smith's Lucy, who ate up the course with gusto. Their boy Logan and Chris's Iaian both had enthusiastic practices, followed by an educational down-and-back for Cari's little Orion. On Sunday, Iaian had another go at a practice run, along with Lucy's brother Rory who came to the event from San Francisco with his owners, Kevin and Carole Clarke.

Amy and Steve Poland, formerly of Northern California and now in Ohio, are the proud parents of Gabriella, born on January 31. Amy plans to attend the Nationals with new baby and 5 deerhounds!


(most recent event listed first)


September 17, Sir Francis Drake KC, San Rafael
Ms Helen M Haas 0-3 (0-0)
BOB/BW: Caerwicce's Idylls of Xanadu (Tanner)
RWB/BP: Windshift Wild Thyme (Bowe)

September 16, Sir Francis Drake KC, San Rafael
Dr Judith A Newton 0-3 (0-0)
BOB/BW: Caerwicce's Idylls of Xanadu (Tanner)
RWB: Windshift Wild Thyme (Bowe)

September 10, Redwood Empire KC, Petaluma
Mrs Jeraldeen Crandall 2-3 (1-0)
B: Ch Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
OS/BW: Wicked Purple Nightshade (Zinser)
WD: Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn JC (Smith)
RWD: Heavenly Blue (H Smith)

September 9, Redwood Empire KC, Petaluma
Mr Edward Gilbert 4-2 (0-1)
B/BW: Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
OS: Ch Darrowby's Heidi of Gabriels (Gabriel/Graham)
WB: Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn JC (Smith)
RWD: Heavenly Blue (H Smith)
RWB: Wicked Purple Nightshade (Zinser)

July 30, Lompoc Valley KC
Ms Barbara Ruth Smith, 6-9-1V(3-5)
BOB: Ch Jihad's Starr of Glencrag (Giles)
BOS: Ch Jaraluv Michael (Brinlee/Biles)
WB/BOW: Caerwicce's Lady Croft Tombraider(Rose)
WD: Caerwicce's This Rough Magic (Rose/Mathews)
RWD: Gabriels Halkirk of Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
RWB: Tannochbrae's Helichrysm (Leathers/Robb)

July 29, Lompoc Valley KC
Mr John D Lewington, 9-12-1V(3-5)
BOB: Ch Darrowby Heidi of Gabriels (Gabriel/Graham)
BOS: Ch Jaraluv Michael (Brinlee/Biles)
WB/BOW: Jaraluv Ouija (Brinlee)
WD: Caerwicce's This Rough Magic (Rose/Mathews)
RWD: Gabriels Halkirk of Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
RWB: Caerwicce's Lady Croft Tombraider(Rose)

July 28, SDCA Western Regional Specialty
Mr Irving Bonios, 9-14-1V(3-6)
BOB: Ch Jaraluv Michael (Brinlee/Biles)
BOS/WB/BOW: Jaraluv Ouija (Brinlee)
WD: Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn JC (Smith)
RWD: Tannochbrae's Hubbub (Robb)
RWB: Tannochbrae's Gwynedd (Robb)

Dr Klaus Anselm 6-8
Best: Gabriels Halkirk of Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
Opposite: Jaraluv Ouija (Brinlee)

July 15, Del Monte KC
Ms Patricia Trotter 1-0-(0-1)
BOB:Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
BOS: Ch Windshift Wood Rose (Wright)

July 3, Lost Coast KC, Ferndale
Ms Isabel Stoffers, 2-1(0-1)
BOB, G2: Ch Jihad's Starr of Glencrag (Giles)
BOS, WD: Fernhill's Vaill of Glencrag (Giles)
WB/BOW: Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)
RWD: Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn)
RWB: Caerwicce's Lady Croft Tombraider(Rose)

July 2, Lost Coast KC, Ferndale
BOB: Ch Jihad's Starr of Glencrag (Giles)
OS: Fernhill's Vaill of Glencrag (Giles)

Apr 22, Chief Solano KC
Mr Richard L Byrd 2-1-(0-0)
BOB/ BW:Gabriels Halkirk at Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
BOS: Caerwicce's Lyta O'Vale Vue (Case)
RWD: Caerwicce's Londo at Baldana (Case)

Mar 26, Oakland KC
Mr Robert Frost 0-4-(0-1)
BOB: Ch Windshift Wood Rose SC (Wright)
WB: Gwent's Margaret of Scotland (Arnold)
RWB: Tannochbrae's Helichrysm (Leathers)

Mar 25, San Mateo KC
Ms Mary Lou Harris 0-4-(0-0)
BOB/WB: Tannochbrae's Gaelic (Terry)
RWB: Gwent's Margaret of Scotland (Arnold)

Mar 24, Salinas Valley KC
Mr John Wade 0-2-(0-1)
BOB: Ch Windshift Wood Rose SC (Wright)
WB: Tannochbrae's Gaelic (Terry)
RWB: Tannochbrae's Helichrysm (Leathers)

Mar 23, Santa Cruz KC
Mr J Crandall 0-2-(0-0)
BOB/ WB: Tannochbrae's Gaelic (Terry
RWB: Tannochbrae's Helichrysm (Leathers)

Feb 20, Santa Clara Valley KC
Mr Kent Delaney 4-1-(1-2)
BOB: Ch Jaraluv Michael (Brinlee/Biles)
BOS: Ch Windshift Wood Rose SC (Wright)
WB/ BW: Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)
WD: Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn (Smith)
RWD: Windshift Byron (Gould)

Feb 19, Santa Clara Valley KC
Mrs Edith Tichnor Hanson, 5-2-(1-2)
BOB: Ch Jaraluv Michael (Brinlee/Biles)
BOS: Ch Darrowby Heidi of Gabriels (Gabriel/Graham)
AOM: Ch Windshift Wood Rose SC (Wright)
WB/BOW: Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)
WD: Gabriels Halkirk of Castlemaine (Shaw/Gabriel)
RWD: Windshift Byron (Gould)
RWB: Tannochbrae's Gaelic (Terry)


September 30, AKC, Hollister BOB: Lucy - Gabriel's Lucinda of Jeffcairn JC (Smith)
2. Logan - Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn (Smith)

July 29, ASFA SDCA Specialty, Lompoc
First/BOB: Poppy - DC Windshift Wildflower SC (Bowe)
2. Andrew - Windshift Blueboy Andrew SC (Zinser) 3. Warren - Forteviot Flying Scotsman SC (Bowe)
4. Lucy - Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)
NBQ Jetsy - Claidhembor Ceitidh (Davis)
Certified: Logan - Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn (Smith)

June 18, AKC, Vacaville BOB/BIF: Lucy - Gabriel's Lucinda of Jeffcairn JC (Smith)
2. Logan - Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn (Smith)

April 23, AKC, Vacaville
Open Stakes:
First/BOB: Tor - Ch Forteviot Silver Meteor SC (Campbell)
3. Lilibet - Forteviot Princess Elizabeth JC
4. Andrew - Windshift Blueboy Andrew SC (Zinser)
Field Champion Stakes:
DC Windshift Wildflower SC (Bowe)
JC: Lucy - Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)
Logan - Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn (Smith)

April 22, AKC, Vacaville
Open Stakes:
First/BOB: Tor - Ch Forteviot's Silver Meteor SC (Campbell)
2. Warren - Forteviot's Flying Scotsman SC (Bowe)
3. Andrew - Windshift Blueboy Andrew SC(Zinser)
4. Lilibet - Forteviot's Princess Elizabeth JC
Field Champion Stakes:
DC Windshift Wildflower SC (Bowe)
JC: Lucy - Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)
Logan - Fernhill's Logan of Jeffcairn (Smith)

March 19, ASFA, Sloughouse
Open Stakes: Jetsy - Claidhembor Ceitidh (Davis)
Field Champion Stakes: Kent - FC Aionagh Caoinlan SC FCh

March 18, ASFA, Sloughouse
Open Stakes:
First/BOB/Best in Field: Poppy - DC Windshift Wildflower SC (Bowe)
2. Jetsy - Claidhembor Ceitidh SC (Davis)
3. Warren - Forteviot Flying Scotsman (Bowe)
4. Andrew - Windshift Blue Boy Andrew SC (Zinser)
Field Champion Stakes:
1. Kent - FC Aionagh Caoinlan SC

Feb 12, ASFA, Oakley
Open Stakes:
First/BOB: Kent - FC Aionagh Caoinlan SC (Davis)
2. Poppy - DC Windshift Wildflower SC (Bowe)
3. Andrew - Windshift Blue Boy Andrew SC (Zinser)
Field Champion Stakes:
1. Glory - Ch Windshift Wood Rose SC LCM (Wright)
2. Eamon - Windshift Eamon SC (Bowe)

Feb 11, ASFA, Oakley
Open Stakes:
First/BOB: Poppy - DC Windshift Wildflower SC (Bowe)
2. Kent - FC Aionagh Caoinlan SC (Davis)
3. Andrew - Windshift Blue Boy Andrew SC (Zinser)
Field Champion Stakes:
1. Eamon - Windshift Eamon SC (Bowe)
2. Glory - Ch Windshift Wood Rose SC LCM (Wright)
Cert: Lucy - Gabriels Lucinda of Jeffcairn (Smith)

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